The Course

Elevate your inner warrior with a grounding yoga practice tailored specifically for those just beginning to step onto the mat. With an emphasis on self care and healing from injury, this course introduces a regenerative approach to strength, flexibility, and clarity.

In this course you have a video series with five lessons presenting new routines to follow and learn. Every video can be done while standing, except for the resting video which is done lying down. It is a self paced course so take as much time as you want for each lesson. As a beginner, you'll step into two essential warrior poses with routines guiding you in foundational exercises and deep breathing. Not only will you learn the poses, but you'll also understand how the exercises work, setting you up for a meaningful and sustainable practice.

Think of this as your secret weapon. In the midst of life's fluctuations you can step into stability, apply direction and achieve balance. Whether you're seeking a sanctuary from stress of looking to improve your physical wellbeing, this course provides an easy-to-follow guide for a resilient and focused yoga practice. Get ready to unlock the power of movement, breath, and poise.

What you will learn

When crafting this course, I wanted to focus on how yoga can compliment a person's lifestyle. I also wanted to demonstrate how yoga has evolved from ancient days to recent decades. The approach for each video is to introduce simple but effective Warrior routines that achieve depth and synchronicity. I've organized the lessons so that each video builds on the last, ensuring a smooth progression that feels natural and encouraging. I'm confident that this structure will be helpful as it's designed to integrate into your lifestyle and bring balance to your routine, without feeling overwhelmed or out of your depth. Plus, the mix of activity and anatomy will give you a well-rounded introduction to the countless benefits that yoga has to offer.

Your instructor

Courtney Bell brings a vibrant synthesis of dedication and passion to her role as an educator in the transformative practice of yoga. With over a decade of experience in both practicing and teaching yoga, she has honed her craft through continuous learning and personal growth, mastering a variety of styles that range from the most gentle, restorative poses to the dynamic flows that challenge both body and mind. Courtney's deep understanding of yoga's principles and her commitment to her own practice illuminate her teachings, making her a trusted guide for those beginning their yoga journey.

As the creator and instructor of the "Yoga Guide to Warrior," Courtney has tailored a course that opens the door to the world of yoga in an accessible and empowering way. Her approach weaves the physical with the mindful, creating a foundation that supports not just the yoga novice but also the inner warrior in each practitioner. Her passion shines through as she encourages students to explore their limits, harness their inner strength, and cultivate a sense of calm and resilience that extends well beyond the mat. With Courtney, students embark on a transformative journey where the art of yoga becomes a tool for personal triumph and self-discovery.


Deep Breathing - Train the Essential Flow of Inhalation and Exhalattion


Building Endurance - Techniques for Aligning in Warrior One and Warrior Two


Finding Inner Strength - Exercises to Tone the Form and Function